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Mesh Cream - Mug w/ Hndl 11 3/4 oz


Mesh is a unit of measurement, an English pop band and a specialist term in computer graphics – but at Rosenthal, Mesh stands for much more. It is the epitome of the uncomplicated and diverse new dining culture that suits every occasion and all requirements – and now also brings colour to our eating and living areas. This is because the series featuring a delicate mesh relief and endless combination options involving round, angular, oval and square shapes is now also available in on-trend colours. The modern tones in aqua, cream and walnut are applied to the porcelain in the form of a special colour glaze at a temperature of 1,400 degrees, are particularly resistant and vibrant and are available for all pieces of the collection. They form a wonderful contrast with the white porcelain, bring out the lively and individually hand-crafted character of the shapes, enhance the intensity of the mesh relief and emphasise the modern mix-and-match principle. At the same time, the innovative dining and gourmet collection, designed by Spanish industrial designer Gemma Bernal, is supplemented by a wide range of cups and new square and round flat plates as well as a sugar bowl, milk jug and cereal bowl