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We are open with SUMMER HOURS 11AM-5PM M-F. Saturday hours remain the same (10AM-4PM).
We are open with SUMMER HOURS 11AM-5PM M-F. Saturday hours remain the same (10AM-4PM).


If you would like to start a rental conversation, please email our team at with the details of your event:

  • Venue address
  • Event date
  • Guest count
  • Type of event
  • Time of event
  • Collection, type, quantity of items you would like to rent
  • Renter’s name
  • Renter’s phone number
  • Renter’s email
  • Bridal Consultant’s name
  • Bridal Consultant’s company
  • Bridal Consultant’s phone number
  • Bridal Consultant’s email

We have no rental minimums. 

Every line we carry is a potential rental opportunity for you.  Just because you may not see the plates you want does not mean we cannot get them.  We encourage you to come into the store to play with all the options to create your unique design.  However, if you live outside the area, we can 2-Day ship you samples at your expense.  We also have a tool on our website called “Set My Style” that can be used to stack plates so that you can see how the bands work together. 

We cannot guarantee the availability of items until an order has been finalized by paying a deposit. Due to fluctuating inventory and high demand, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible. 

We understand that things can change last minute! We are always happy to help and will do our best to accommodate any changes that may occur. Changes that are made 3 business days prior to rentals leaving the warehouse may incur a rush order fee. 

Rentals are for single use only and cannot be washed and reused.  If you would like to include additional inventory to your order – that is, an extra round of forks for dessert – or have a multiple-day event, just let us know and we would be happy to assist in meeting your needs.  Our standard rental period for local events is up to three days. If you need inventory for a longer period of time, an associated extended rental fee would apply. 

Our rentals are NOT to be washed before they are returned to us.  We have a fabulous warehouse team who carefully wash all of our rentals according to specific washing protocols based on each individual item’s unique features (i.e. 24k gold details, delicate china, etc.) in order to keep the integrity and quality of our rentals. We do ask that you remove/wipe food from plates and liquid from glassware prior to repacking.  If you require scullery, setup, or breakdown from fête, there will be extra fees. 

Rentals can be picked up either at our store or at our warehouse and delivered back to us after your event.  When you do the schlepping, there is no associated shipping and handling fee from us.  We also love providing rentals for events outside of Georgia! We ship our rentals everywhere and are excited to be a part of events worldwide and look forward to discussing the details and gathering the necessary information. Please email our team at for a custom quote.