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About Us

For a girl whose father wouldn't let her hold a job outside the family until she graduated high school, I have had some type of business enterprise going ever since. Even as a young wife and mother, I was court reporting, dealing in distressed real estate, doing flower arrangements by contract, and about half a dozen other things. It didn't take long to realize that my greatest satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment were derived from making a beautiful home for my husband and three daughters. The schedule when the girls were growing up was brutal. While some moms sat and watched sports practices, we would share recipes, resources, and encouragement. There was no Pinterest then! You got your great ideas by either creating them yourself or having a girlfriend help you out. One common thread among all of us was that the only time our families really gathered to connect was over the table. So the table is where we all concentrated our efforts. Not much has changed in terms of schedules. We are all busy doing whatever it is that we do, and we all sit down and gather at the table. Even though all our daughters are grown and married, most with children of their own, we continue our family tradition of gathering for Sunday night dinner every week. There is something about using my beautiful china, crystal, and silver and setting a gorgeous table that everyone oohs and aahs over when they sit down. My cup runneth over to see my daughters take pride in their homes now.

We were devastated when Charles Willis closed its doors. A friend of my youngest daughter, who had spent a considerable amount of time during her college years growing up in our home, thought that we were the perfect family to take up the mantle of providing a selection of fine and everyday china and all the accoutrement to young brides far and wide. Like a phoenix from the ashes, fête was born. We have absolutely LOVED every minute of curating this collection of both traditional and contemporary pieces in every price range for perfect one-stop-shopping. We'd love to have you come see us in the store and shop in person. We have set store hours but are available at any time by special appointment. If, however, you live out of state or are unable to come in -- for any reason -- to pick your china, notice that our website will allow you to stack plates across brands so that you can see how the plate bands work with each other. Registering should not be a chore! After all, Life is Worth Celebrating!


Angi Evert